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Art Director

Shahrul is the head and spirit of our team and oh, what a spirit he is. Clever, funny, analytical and always up for a challenge! With almost 15 years of experience in the creative designing and printing technology. There’s not an idea, a concept or even the lines of any box that shahrul hasn’t challenged. He studied Printing Technology, Visual Communications and New Media. Although he loves his studies, he finds graphic design and advertising more intriguing and challenging. He knows all the right tools and has all the right skills but what makes him right as a team leader is that he can easily step out of his comfort zone and make an idea real.

He doesn’t talk much unless you ask him something, in which case he will reply with as few words as possible. However, the words ‘no’ or ‘I can’t’ will never come out of his mouth. Shahrul with his creativity and elegant manners, leads and guides creativity to the right direction. His dream is that one day PNMB Creative Design will create total creative solution for our clients.

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